Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Pratice Test Four (Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2)

Part A

10. Everyone in the room likes ... very much.
C. them
object fprm of they to complete the sentence.

11. I will ... you as soon as I arrive there.
B. contact
the tenses is future with will, so it must be verb 1.

12. what did she ... for breakfast this morning?
D. have
the tenses is past tense, introgative form.

13. .... mumps very dengerous and infectious?
A. are
word mumps is in plural form.

Part B

20. Who is the smartness(A) girl near(B) the blue(C) car over there(D)?
A. the smartness = the smart
it should be adjective, not noun.

21. Peter said that(A) Nadine and(B) Linda moving(C) to another(D) city.
C. moving = are moving
there should be "to be" are in the sentence.

22. I wanted(A) to thank(B) them for(C) all their kind(D).
D. kind = kindness
it should be in noun form.

23. The childish(A) who are playing(B) in the park on Saturdays(C) are my brother's(D) calssmates.
A. childish = child
it should be a noun then an adjective.

Kamis, 19 Mei 2011

Pratice Test Three

Part A

11. He said that they would ... him the next day
a. meet
b. seen
c. saw
d. met
Jawaban : A.
Alasan : The structure of the sentence is passive sentence, so it must be (a) meet.

12. I was ... last night
a. very
b. so
c. tire
d. sleepy
Jawaban : D
Alasan : The most suite condition for completing the sentence.

13. The house is ... now
a. be renovated
b. is renovating
c. being renovated
d. been renovated
Jawaban : C
Alasan : Passive form sentence, so it must be (c) being renovated.

14. She only needs ... sugar
a. a few
b. few
c. a little
d. many
Jwaban : C
Alasan : Sugar is uncountable noun, therefore it use "a little".

Part B

23. The books are very interesting but I do not have any money to buy their A B C D
Jawaban : D. to buy their = to buy them
Alasan : "their" is used to define possesive pronoun, so it is wrong and it should be "them".

28. Certain wild animals beat their chests as an express of high spirits A B C D Jawaban : D. an express = an expression Alasan : it should use noun expression, then using "express" (verb).

32. They are enough smart to finish the job on time A B C D Jawaban : B. enough smart = smart enough Alasan : the position of the word is wrong, it should be nice-verb.

35. The Browns never go to Bali and so do Mr. and Mrs. Blue A B C D Jawaban : B. to go = went to Alasan : the condition of the sentence is a past tense conditional.

Senin, 11 April 2011

Practice Test Two (Bahasa Inggris)

Part A


3. There were ...... on the table yesterday morning.

a. It is water b. Some water c. Some oranges d. Any mangoes

Jawaban : C

Alasan : Because “ Were” is used for plural noun.

9. There are a lot of dry ...... in the yard

a. Leafes b. Plate c. Leaves d. Leafs

Jawaban : C

Alasan : Plural form of leaf, because there is ”a lot of” word before the noun.

11. Has the car been ...... by the mechanic?

a. Fix b. Repaired c. To repair d. Fixing

Jawaban : B

Alasan : The structure of the sentences is passive form of present perfect.

13. What should they ...... ?

a. Doing b. Took c. Bring d. Ate

Jawaban : C

Alasan : The tense that used in the sentences is present tense.

Part B

Written Expression

25. I think my sister and her friend are go to the cinema right now. A B C D

Jawaban : D (going).

Alasan : The tense of the sentence is present continius tense.

26. Everyone knows that Linda is a very girl polite. A B C D

Jawaban : D (polite girl).

Alasan : The position of the adjective is false.

27. Can i borrow your pencil on the chair near a table over there ? A B C D

Jawaban : C (the table).

Alasan : Using “a” is not sufficent.

28. I usually drink a glasses of water after i go jogging in the morning on Sundays. A B C D

Jawaban : B (a glass).

Alasan : Singular noun.